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Ziora's Quest: Mommy's Milk Rocks!

About The Book

Spiral bound notebook with original idea for Ziora's Quest children's book written in pen

The name Ziora is an Ibo name which means ‘show/teach the world’.  Ziora’s Quest: Mommy’s Milk Rocks! is a book that teaches school aged children fun facts about how amazing mommy’s milk is! 


The picture shown to the right is a snap shot of the first draft written by my ten year old daughter, Amara:). This idea came to her on February 24 of this year while I made mac and cheese for dinner:).  It's fun and exciting to see how far we've come since this first draft!

Ziora wanted to be a big sister and wished for a baby sister for an entire year! She is however a bit disappointed when Sissy takes so much of Mommy’s time- most of which is spent breastfeeding and sleeping. Ziora is suddenly transported to the amazing world of Milky White where she meets with her pediatrician, Dr. O. Milky White is a land with moms of different ethnicities/races, all of whom breastfeed. Dr. O and Ziora snow tube their way through different parts of Milky White and Ziora comes to learn why breast milk IS a big deal. 

She is zapped back to her house at the end of her visit to Milky White and tells mom how appreciative she is for nursing Sissy and how she wants to breastfeed her baby when she grows up-just like Mommy!

Zioras Quest hardcover children's book with illustrated cover of mom breastfeeding baby and elder daughter sitting next to her on couch
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