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Episode 82: Guest, Dr. Amaka Nnamani, is a pediatrician, a mom of 3 and a breastfeeding advocate. She also is the author of a children’s book titled “Ziora’s Quest: Mommy’s Milk Rocks. Visit the podcast website to listen or tune to your favorite listening app!

 Dr. Amaka Nnamani

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It was a true pleasure to be on your podcast...AND I had a lot of fun! Latest podcast with Self Coaching Mastery For Women is out now!


Children’s book aims to normalize and educate people about breastfeeding

Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics, Amara Nnamani, co-author of the book and Ola Nnamani, who inspired the creation of the book, joined us on Monday’s Smart Talk to discuss their book and the importance of children’s literacy around breastfeeding.

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Author Spotlight: Amaka Nnamani

Doctor and nursing mother Amaka Nnamani was inspired by her own family to write “Ziora’s Quest: Mommy’s Milk Rocks!” to help older siblings understand the importance of breast feeding. She joins us for an Author Spotlight to share more about her book and the message it sends to families.

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4th Trimester Roundtable

I’m excited to be a part of this panel of Doctors as we discuss the ESSENTIAL topics you need to know to care for your child confidently after you leave the hospital.


The women forced to 'choose' self-employment

n the US, more women are working for themselves. On the surface, it seems empowering – but there’s a dark narrative driving this rise in self-employment.


How Dr. Amaka Nnamani is changing medicine

Dr. Nnamani had a splendid time with Dr. Una talking about her journey from being a full time employed physician to a full time enterpreneur. You want to listen to this!!


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