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My Story


Sooooo if you are in any way a curious person like I am(and you are not African:)), you are probably wondering- That’s a loooong name! I am Nigerian and am SUPER proud of my culture. Nigeria has three major tribes, one of which is the Ibo tribe where I am from. ‘Chi’ in my language means ‘God’. My name, Chiamaka means ‘God is beautiful/good’. I mostly go by the abbreviated part of my name-Amaka, which means ‘beautiful’ (no vanity here).

I was born in Houston, TX and moved back to Nigeria (as an infant) where I lived until I was about sixteen years old. I relocated to the US  in 2001 with my younger sister and we started college shortly afterwards. I went to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA for college(shout out to all my Patriots!) where I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry.  I went to med school at Ross University School of Medicine and had my core courses on the beautiful island of Dominica. I had my Pediatrics training at Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia and had my first two daughters while in training.

I am absolutely passionate about children and have quite a few clinical interests within Pediatrics.  Some of them include early childhood education, child advocacy and child development. I really believe in mentoring children to be the best version of themselves no matter their economic situations, so that they can rise above adversity. 

My parents realized the importance of a great education and invested in that from Day 1 - for my siblings and I! I am forever indebted to them. That investment has spurred and ignited my continued passion for early childhood education, and education as a whole. I always say that education is a leveler, because a great education gives you a great start in life and overrides your economic background. My greatest advice to parents would be to invest in the education of your child, and create a passion in them for learning. They (and you) will reap the fruits of your investment.

My current, most pressing clinical interest is breastfeeding. So, I decided to write a book about it.

Please go to ‘More About the Book: My Why?’ to read more about the inspiration for my book.

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