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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Nnamani loves to speak on topics around breastfeeding and its public health impacts as well as how it relates to social determinants of health; she also enjoys speaking to school-aged girls/adolescents as well as other women. 

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Past Events

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1. Women's Physician Wellness Conference- 'Authentically You: The Power of Living Unapologetically'

Often times as women, we walk a tight rope to make others comfortable at our own expense. In this talk, Dr. Nnamani shares her personal journey to finding her true self and gives strategies to help other women live their most authentic lives.

2. 'Re-imagining the Future: Empowering our Children to Induce a Breastfeeding Culture Change'

Community is a powerful tool in improving breastfeeding rates. However, we often forget the power that we have in our children. In this talk, Dr. Nnamani talks about the need to start them young and educate children on the importance/benefits of breastfeeding as part of the journey to improving breastfeeding rates.

3. 'Re-writing the Rules on Work-Life Transition as a Breastfeeding Parent'

Dr. Nnamani is a mother of 3, two of whom she birthed as a Pediatrics resident! She understands first hand, the struggles of trying to balance full time work and life as a mom. In this talk, she talks about the importance of paid maternity leave and strategies for the working mom as she transitions back to work.

4. 'The Importance of Diversifying the Perinatal Workforce to Improve Breastfeeding Rates'

5. 'Breastfeeding: A Health Equity Issue'

K Lewis, OK WIC

“We were so honored to have Dr. Nnamani as general session speaker at the National Indigenous and Native American WIC Coalition Conference. She is such a wonderful and passionate speaker! Her message was inspirational, and her delivery was full of energy and excitement. She was also incredibly easy to work with and flexible in our speaker request. We are already looking forward to booking Dr. Nnamani for future events!”

Sally Zubairu-Coleman, PA WIC Director

"I invited Dr. Nnamani as a surprise guest speaker to our WIC Directors conference. She stole the show. Her presentation to our public health professionals was a complete gift! The author uses so many different colors, illustrations and ideas that will help anyone to better understand the beauty of mommy's milk! And if you get a chance to join a reading, take the opportunity! We were a room of adults and she captured our attention like I have never seen! I recommend each parent buy at least two books, you're definitely going to be gifting one!

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